Dear Stranger: Jackson County Letter Exchange

Modeled after the Oregon Humanities “Dear Stranger” project, the library’s letter exchange invites Jackson County residents, 18 years and up, to write a letter to a stranger. Each letter writer will be matched with another, ideally from a different zip code. If you write a letter, you will receive a letter.

You may write about anything you choose, but possible prompts include: What does community mean to you? How are you a leader in your community, or how would you like to be? What are your favorite things about living in Southern Oregon? What is one of your favorite books?

You should address your letter “Dear Stranger.” Please include your name and return address on the envelope, but not in the content of your letter. Letters will be removed from their original envelopes to keep letter writers anonymous. Please remember that what you share in the letter (such as details about yourself, photos, etc.) may contain information that could identify you. When you receive a letter, instructions will be provided if you are interested in further communication.

Please note, JCLS staff will read all letters before they are exchanged. JCLS accepts no responsibility for the content of correspondence exchanged through the Dear Stranger program. Letters must be received by JCLS by June 30th. Return letters will be mailed to participants in July. To join in, go to and complete a release form.